Slot Scanners

The TechScan series of slot scanners are designed to be mounted to a surface where the user will pass a card through the slot in the scanner.  Slot scanners are also sometimes referred to as card readers.  The slot scanners are available in undecoded, RS-232, and wedge interfaces.

TCS1530 Unsealed Slot Scanner

TCS1560 Sealed Slot Scanner [IMAGE]
  • Compact slot scanners made of rugged engineering grade polymer material.
  • Smaller footprint than the TCS1560, but with the same excellent reading performance.
  • Suitable for indoor applications.
  • Extremely rugged device housed in a heavy walled cast iron enclosure.
  • Sealed for washdown and outdoor applications.
  • Decoded versions provide an audible and visual confirmation of a succesful scan.

TCS1530 - TCS1560 Data Sheet

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